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        We have been modifying Xbox 360's for over two year's and are proud to say we have never botched a mod or had one go out on us. Most people who mod have half this experience and will mess up. However, we at B&Z Modification promise that if we ever, by some chance, mess up your Xbox 360 we will reimburse you 100%. We guarantee though that you will be completely satisfied with our job and will not be needing reimbursement

      When it comes to the Wii we are not as experienced as we are with the Xbox 360. However we have been modding Wii's for almost a year now and have had all of our mods become successful. We carry over the same policy as we have with the Xbox 360 when it comes to a botched mod (something we have never had).

      If you looked at the Service's section already you might have noticed that the Wii only need to be modded once while the Xbox 360 requires updates. This is because the Xbox 360 has updates specifically for the sole purpose of banning modders. No worries however, because we have never had someone band as long as they listened to our instructions after they got their Xbox 360 modded. We will tell you exactly what to do and explain what happens and how we update for you. Our services are always quick, Always quicker than your lunch break!